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November 7, 2012
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ramshackle shit by FailTaco ramshackle shit by FailTaco
ok well everyone has got a story so i was like why dont i make one

maybe huge text incoming
since i have lots of trouble with remembering details and concepts and every time i write ideas down they just magically disappear i just decided to draw it out
so this is what i have for my story thing so far..everything is represented by an item so i can remember
also ive just recently figured out a way to tie everything together so yayay
i told my sister all about everything i had so far and its helped in organizing my thoughts and realizing how fucked up it was aw yes
i really want to tell you guys everything but then spoilers ;''c even though this may or may not be successful derp it consists of everything i find appealing to me
continuing with a comic would be cool but i also want to experiment with different forms of storytelling too but yep well see how that goes

um so it is about three hobos and they are very stupid and go on stupid adventures in a very ramshackle town
that wasnt very helpful
i love the word ramshackle maybe i will re name it ramshackles (even though ramshackle is an adjective it should be a noun too)
i guess you could imagine it being i dunno a series of unfortunate events with hillbillies and gangsters?? oh and goats

im excited but its gonna take me forever to fully develop things..i have to wait for the ideas to come to me or else i wont be able to think of anything my brain is stupid ;''c cry
i was on a roll before but now i think im slowly sinking into an art/character block again

i was gonna say more but i forgot ;s
welp if you have any questions just ask!! yey :)
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Harry-Monster Mar 8, 2013  Student General Artist
Fantastic! :D I'd love to see more comics of these guys. :) And you could possibly call the comic "Ramshackle Runaways" or just "Ramshackle Hobos." =P
magicsoup7756 Nov 8, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
NIEGH this is best ramshackle shit ever!
happydoodle Nov 8, 2012  Professional Filmographer
You are so talented ahhh!~
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